1. Cardiac catheter trainingOsaka University Graduate School of Medicine

  2. How to make heart modelMolding by 3D printer

  3. Pulsatile PumpPHANTOM


  1. -Normal Coronary model

  2. -CTO Model

  3. -CABG Model

  4. -Disease Model

  5. TAVI Model

  6. LAA Closure Model

  7. ASD Closure Model

  8. Ablation Model

  9. Myocardial Biopsy Model

  10. EVT&RDN Model

  11. -Reusable Training Stent


  1. 5.132019

    HEARTROID team attending EuroPCR 2019.

    Again, this year JMC looks forward to exhibiting at the EuroPCR, May 21‒24, 2019 at t...

  2. 5.252018

    EuroPCR 2018: A strong showing for the HEARTROID in Paris

    This year again Paris showed it's love for the HEARTROID! Even more than last year, e...

  3. 3.302018

    JMC and CMP have entered into a contractual agreement including exclusive market...

    Yokohama, JapanJMC, state-of-the-art 3D printing firm and manufacturer of the cardi...

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