-Normal Coronary model

-Normal Coronary model

This system facilitates the entire training for catheter-based techniques necessary in CAG and basic PCI. It allows trainees to understand how to manipulate catheters and other angioplasty devices, such as balloon catheters and stents, from bench to cath lab.



-PCI- Reusable Training Stent

PCIThe item explanation link is here.

– Basic Set – Coronary Artery Model

Coronary Artery

Coronary ArteryHeart Model for Coronary

A heart model suitable for practical training in CAG and PCI under X-ray fluoroscopy in the cath lab. Stent deployment and guide wire manipulation can be simulated with this model.

TankSpecial Tank

Transparent tank that provides high visibility for catheter use simulation with or without X-ray fluoroscopy. No more than six liters of water are required for training.

PulsatilePulsatile Pump

Our uniquely-developed pulsatile pump can be set by 40-100 bpm (1600-4000ml/min in flow volume.). Realistic coronary images are obtained by particular patterns of the cylinder movement. The pump and tank are connected with easy-to-prepare connectors to avoid water leaks and time losses.

sheathTubes with Sheath

Special tubes with sheath.

lubricant for coatingLubricant

Special lubricant for coating the inner surface of the heart model.
1 fl. oz. ( lasts for 20 coatings )


Hose with one-touch joint.

Product specifications can be customized and are subject to change without notice. Please contact JMC for details.

HEARTROID Preparation Tutorial

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