1. 6.122019

    [Press Release]
    Strengthening the sales of HEARTROID in Europe, a leading edge region of cardiovascular catheter treatment, JMC implementing sales partnerships across Europe-

    JMC Corporation, which manufactures and sells the heart catheter simulation system "HEARTROID (HEARTROID),"…

  2. 5.132019

    HEARTROID team attending EuroPCR 2019.

    Again, this year JMC looks forward to exhibiting at the EuroPCR,…

  3. 5.252018

    EuroPCR 2018: A strong showing for the HEARTROID in Paris

    This year again Paris showed it’s love for the HEARTROID!…

  4. 3.302018

    [Press release]
    JMC and CMP have entered into a contractual agreement including exclusive marketing rights of the HEARTROID systems in Korea.

    Yokohama, Japan JMC, state-of-the-art 3D printing…

  5. 3.92018

    HEARTROID team attending EuroPCR 2018.

    Again, this year JMC looks forward to exhibiting at the EuroPCR,…

  6. 9.112017

    Report from the ESC Congress 2017

    JMC exhibited the HEARTROID cardiovascular simulation system…

  7. 8.172017

    Next Exhibition – ESC congress 2017 –

    We will exhibit “HEARTROID” at booth Fira de Barcelona…

  8. 7.262017

    Exhibition report – CVIT congress 2017 –

    We have exhibited our cardiac catheter simulator “HEARTROID”…

  9. 6.62017

    Exhibition report – Euro PCR2017 –

    We exhibited in Euro PCR, an international conference held in Paris,…

  10. 5.92017

    We will attend Euro PCR (Percutaneous Coronary Revascularization)2017 in Paris.

    We will attend Euro PCR 2017, dated May 16–19, 2017…

  11. 11.102016

    Exhibition report – TCT2016 –

    Our cardiac catheter simulator, which is under development in the HEARTROID…

  12. 9.92016

    Exhibition report – ESC congress 2016 –

    Our cardiac catheter simulator, developed in the HEARTROID project,…

  13. 11.262015

    Exhibition report – MEDICA 2015 in Düsseldorf, International medical equipment exhibition –

    We exhibited our work at MEDICA 2015 at Düsseldorf, dated November 16–19,2015.

  14. 9.32015

    Exhibition report– ESC 2015 at London –

    We exhibited our work at the ESC Congress 2015 at London, dated August 29–September 2, 2015.